A Heart Full of Love: Remembering Alan Rickman

Alan Rickman, on his full name Alan Sidney Patrick Rickman, was an actor from England. He was born on 21st of February 1946 in Hammersmith, London. Unfortunately he died in 2016, at 69 years old, after a heavy fight with cancer. During his life, he was acting in more than 60 movies. Most of these movies were awarded with various distinctions.

Love was Alan Rickman’s way of life


Many of his movies had as topic romantic stories and romantic love, movies such as “Romeo and Juliet” (1978), “Sense and Sensibility” (1995), “Truly, Madly, Deeply” (1990), “Love Actually” (2003) or “Snow Cake” (2006). Other movies are focused on love for the others, like “Revolutionary Witness” (1989).

His heart was full of love. And for sure that we can discover this even today, if we look at his movies and we remember his appearances in the media. Besides his movies, we can discover a great person who was guided by love in his life.

Alan Rickman’s personal life was a love story that started in 1965, when he met his great love of his life, naming here Rima Horton. Their story love began when Alan was 19 and Rima was 18. Despite the fact that they lived together and had a love story for more than 40 years, they get married just in 2012. This is a wonderful love story for two persons that started during their adolescence and stayed alive until one of them should leave this world. Unfortunately for them Alan and Rima had no children, or maybe it was their choice.

Besides its personal life, Alan Rickman has shown his heart full of love in many other ways. He was involved in many charity actions and foundations, like Saving Faces and International Performers’ Aid Trust. As a patron and member in these organizations, he spent many years and money in order to help those people that were in need.

Remember Alan Rickman as a great lover of life and people


The year of 2016 began with the sad news, which informed us that Alan Rickman had to give up on his fight with the disease. But having all his movies and his public appearances, we should never forget Alan Rickman. We should remember every day that he chooses to give love in order to have a wonderful life. Alan Rickman gave love to his life’s partner, Rima, gave love to those people who helped through his charity actions and he helped us to learn why the offering is so important. He gave to all of us through his movies important lessons of life and he showed us that you can be richer if you give love.

All of his friends remember Alan Rickman as a wonderful person. They were close to this great man and actor. Everyone who met him said that he was a loyal person, who loves to support and encourage people. We, as audience, were also close to Alan Rickman through his movies. Due to this, we should remember Alan Rickman as a great person and with a big heart.


Recovering from Loss: Alan Rickman

On 14th of January 2016, we find out a very bad news, which informed us that Alan Rickman is not any more among us. It was a shock for all of us, but this is life and we know that it is not our choice when to leave this world. Alan Rickman had a heavy battle for his life with a disease and all the people that met him or saw his movies were hoping that we will manage to win his hardest fight of his life.

Alan Rickman’s life

BFI London Film Festival - 'A Little Chaos' - Love Gala screening at the Odeon West End Featuring: Alan Rickman Where: London, United Kingdom When: 17 Oct 2014 Credit: Daniel Deme/WENN.com

During his 69 years of life, Alan Rickman lived at maximum intensity his life. His childhood became more difficult after his father death. At that time, Alan was 8 years old. When he was 19 years old, Alan met the girl that will be his lover for the entire life, Rima Horton. Rima was a councilor in the Labour Party and she was lecturer at Kingston University. They met in 1965 and starting from 1977 they lived together without being married. But in 2012, they choose to get married in a private atmosphere. Alan Rickman was involved also in many charity activities that were developed by two organizations where he was a member.

Alan Rickman’s life changed dramatically in August 2015, when he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in the last phase. Despite that fact that all his relatives and friends were hoping for a miraculous recovery, Alan died after only six months, on 14th of January 2016 in London.

How to recover from this loss?


Alan Rickman was a nice appearance in the public space. All his colleagues from filming, all his friends and all his fans are feeling that they are poorer now, after the loss of Alan Rickman. His relatives and friends are facing with more difficulty this loss, because they were living with Alan Rickman. For public audience and fans, Alan’s movies and appearances could represent the best option as a recovery after this big loss. In many of his movies, Alan Rickman used his humor in order to make the audience laughing. Maybe laughing at his movies and watching Alan’s movies as he is still alive is the best way to recover and to honor him. We had lost more than just an actor and director of films. We lost a wonderful person, who is described by his colleagues and friends as a warm person, who provided loyalty and generosity. Alan Rickman left behind a brilliant career and more than 60 movies and many other theater appearances or musicals. We have to learn from his life, his movies and his manner of being.

In August 2016, there are already 6 months after Alan Rickman’s loss and last year in the same month we find out that he had a disease. But at that time we were full of hope. Now, after one year, we have to admit that it is a big loss and we have to recover after this loss. How to do this? There is no recipe. Everyone should find the best manner for recovery.




Movie Lines That We Will Never Forget: Alan Rickman

Everyone has movies that will never forget. There are movies that we are keeping in our minds due to the subject of the movie or to the scenario of these movies. But there are also many movies that we will remember for the rest of our lives.  We will remember for the actors and their roles. One of these actors, who make you remember all the movies that you have seen having him in the main role, is Alan Rickman.

Alan Rickman – A brilliant career


During his life, Alan Rickman took part in more than 60 movies. His first appearance in a movie was in 1978 in “Romeo and Juliet”. The last movie that has Alan Rickman as the main actor is “Alice Through the Looking Glass”, which was released in 2016, after Alan’s death.

Based on his talent and intelligence, Alan Rickman’s roles were very appreciated by the audience and critics too. Due to this he has won numerous distinctions during his career. The most important awards that Alan Rickman won include “James Joyce Award” (2009), “BAFTA Awards” in 1991 for the movie “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves”, “Golden Globe Awards” that was received for the movie Rasputin: Dark Servant of Destiny in 1996 and “MTV Movie Awards” in 2011 for the movie “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2”.

He was also nominated for many other awards and the most important include “BAFTA Awards” in 1995 for “Sense and Sensibility” and also in 1996 for “Michael Collins”, “Tony Award” (1987, 2002) for the movies “Les Liaisons Dangereuses”, respectively “Private Lives”, and “Emmy Award” for movies like “Something the Lord Made” (2004), and “Drama League Award” in 2011.

Maybe one of the greatest disappointments for Alan Rickman and his fans is that he hasn’t been nominated for the “Oscar Award”.

Movies with Alan Rickman that is always a pleasure to watch


It is impossible to forget movies like Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (2001), Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002), Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005), Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004), Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007) or Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009), movies that was amazing by their fantasy stories and movies with Alan Rickman in a great shape.

Alan Rickman was fascinated in playing roles in fantasy story movies. Besides “Harry Potter”, he played also in “Alice in Wonderland” (2010) and “Alice Through the Looking Glass” (2016). He loved also history and the movie “A Little Chaos” (2014) was written by Alan Rickman. He also played a role in “A Little Chaos”. “The Wildest Dream” shows that Alan Rickman knows to play in documentaries. There are also many comedies that for sure you have seen, like “Love Actually” (2003), “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” (2005) or “Snow Cake” (2006).


We are sure that you remember the movies previously mentioned. And we are sure that there are many other movies having Alan Rickman in the foreground. Due to his brilliant career, it is difficult to speak about Alan Rickman and his movies in such a short space.

NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 19:  Actor/filmmaker Alan Rickman attends the Apple Store Soho:  Meet The Filmmaker:  Alan Rickman, "A Little Chaos"  at Apple Store Soho on June 19, 2015 in New York City.  (Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)

All the Legacy Left Behind: The Alan Rickman’s Story

Every person leaves behind a story when he or she had to leave this world. Every person leaves behind a legacy that could be or should be used by those that met him during his life. One of the most important legacies that we can benefit is belonging to the great actor and man who was Alan Rickman.

The story of Alan Rickman


Alan was born on 21st of February 1946 in London. He was part of a working-family and when Alan was 8 years old, his father died. Despite the fact that his parents were not part of the high society, Alan Rickman made his study and he knew which his way in life was. He became a very successful actor and writer. He was nominated and he won many awards during his brilliant career.

During his life, Alan has only one love story. When Alan was 19, he met Rima Horton, who was at that time 18 years old. After twelve years, they moved together and lived together until Alan Rickman died in 2016. Despite that fact that they were together from their adolescence, they get married only in 2012, when they had a private wedding in New York. From this wonderful love story, we could learn very much, as we can learn a lot from Alan Rickman’s life. For example, we should learn that even if we have success and we are on the “top of the mountains”, we should remain generous with other people, especially those that were in needs. Alan Rickman was involved in many charity actions during his life.

Alan Rickman’s story ends sharply. In August 2015, he finds out that he has an incurable disease in the last phase and after only six months, on 14th of Janury 2016 he dies in a hospital in London.

Alan Rickman’s legacy


Alan Rickman disappearance is a big loss for cinematography and not only. Alan Rickman leaves behind a great and rich legacy. During his career, he was filming great movies, many of them being

awarded with

different distinctions. These movies and their stories are the most important part of Alan’s legacy.

There are also many theater acts, musicals and writings that are the opera of this huge character, who was Alan Rickman. We may say that is still a huge character and he will always be among us, through his movies and his public appearances. Alan Rickman’s legacy means more than his movies and his success. Alan Rickman’s legacy means a lesson of how you should not lose your humanity while you are climbing the success. Alan showed us that you may be a successful actor, while he is loyal, generous and happy. For sure, that we should pay attention and learn from the legacy that Alan Rickman left behind.


Alan Rickman made our world richer through his movies. His manner of being and his personality are transmitted by the roles he played in numerous movies. We should never forget Alan Rickman and we should respect his legacy.


Rickman: The Early Years

While it could be hard to imagine Alan Rickman as a child, we all have to go through childhood to reach pristine adulthood. Rickman’s wonderfully memorable voice was not created overnight. He had to start somewhere. Let us take a peek at Rickman’s early years to give ourselves a little glimpse of the child who made the man.

  • Alan Rickman was from London: That fabulous English accent of his was not for show. He was born in Acton, London on February 21, 1946.
  • He came from a working-class family: Given his wonderful portrayal of Colonel Brandon from Sense and Sensibility, there may be a false assumption that Rickman was from a wealthy family, thought they also did not struggle like the family of Severus Snape. His family worked hard. His mother, Margaret Doreen Rose (Bartlett) Rickman was from Wales while his father, Bernard William Rickman, a factory worker, house painter, decorator, and aircraft fitter, was English.


  • He grew up with several siblings: Alan Rickman was the second-oldest child in his family. He had one older brother, one younger brother, and a younger sister. His oldest brother, David, is a graphic designer. His younger brother, Michael, is a Harborough District Councillor for the Nevill Ward of the Conservative Party, a tennis coach, and a fundraising coordinator, and his sister, Sheila, is an office manager for a clinical research organization.
  • He lost his father at a young age: At the tender age of 8 years old, Alan Rickman lost his father due to lung cancer. This meant that his now-widowed young mother had to struggle to raise her four children alone, which she did by working for the post office. While his mother did remarry briefly, the truth was that she was in love with his father and there was no replacing him.
  • Alan excelled at the arts: During his childhood, Alan showed a talent for both calligraphy and watercolor painting, which would be reflected well in his career choices when he left school and moved into adulthood.
  • He went to a Montessori school: Montessori schools may seem something of a fashion now, but they were still present when Alan Rickman was in school. He attended the Derwentwater Primary School in Acton, which was a Montessori-based school. Montessori schools are known for their encouragement of independent education while helping children excel in areas they do well, which would support the idea that his artist skills were well-developed.


  • Rickman attended the Latymer Upper School: Through the Direct Grant System, Rickman was able to attend a higher-level school, where he was introduced to the dramatic arts. He began participating in drama there, which of course was the seed that would grow many years later into a bigger career.
  • His college years were dedicated to the arts: In spite of his attraction to the dramatic arts, Rickman attended both the Chelsea College of Art and Design and the Royal College of Art. This let him hone in on his artistic abilities, allowing him to become a professional artist. Because of his higher education in the arts, he got a job at the Notting Hill Herald was a graphic designer.
  • While his heart was in acting, his head said otherwise: Rickman’s heart may have been given to the world of acting, but coming from such a hardworking background, he realized that it would be a challenge to support himself doing acting as a career choice. Since he was skilled in the arts, being a graphic designer was a much more lucrative career choice. As he was quoted as saying, “Drama school wasn’t considered the sensible thing to do at 18.”

While we know that Alan was a successful actor, he did pursue his graphic artist career first, before hearing the call for acting again and then following his dream.


Stirring Movies of Alan Rickman

British Actor Alan struggled hard to become a successful actor in Hollywood and it was not big surprise that he actually made his huge during his 40s.There was no doubt that he was extremely talented and full of potential which made him such a big star in the Hollywood planet. Sometimes movies didn’t have superb script but the acting of Alan is undeniable. He was very much passionate in his work that people still remember him for his great movies where he was casted.

Following best films will demonstrate the acting power of Alan Rickman unconditionally.

Die Hard (1988):

Stirb langsam (Die Hard, USA 1988, Regie: John McTiernan) Alan Rickman / Pistole in Hand, Mann, Terror, Terrorist, Bart, Vollbart, Bˆsewicht, Waffe, bewaffnet, Pistole / ------- WICHTIG: Nutzung nur bei Filmtitelnennung und/oder in Zusammenhang mit Berichterstattung ¸ber diesen Film --- IMPORTANT: To be used solely for coverage of this specific motion picture

In this movie Alan played a role of German terrorist with the name of Hans Gruber. The entrance was just amazing in the movie and it really made people think of his acting. Die Hard was the best actioned movie as the performance of Alan was supreme. Hollywood always remembers the best villain as Hans for his physical as well as verbal violence along with John McClane (Bruce Willis) who was the New York cop throughout the film.

Quigley Down Under (1990):

This movie clearly conveys that the performance of Alan is unbeatable as he is every time assumed to play a bad guy role having the capacity of doing menance on screen. Here he actually fought with Tom Selleck straight in Australian outback.

Sense and Sensibility (1995):


People used to have so many speculations about Jane Austin’s novel but amongst all, this one is just superb. Alan’s role in this movie was to play old bachelor named Colonel Brandon. Emma Thompson was the writer of the film while Ang Lee was the director. The audience was completely blown away with the performance of the Brandon.

Harry Potter series (2001-11):

This movie was the super-duper hit along with its series. He again played a role of villain in this Hollywood film where he was a professor named Severus Snape. The film is completely based on J.K Rowling’s books and had a huge impact on Adult as well as children. Alan’s performance is beyond expectation and for this reason he also got many appreciation from his fans and people out there in different countries.

Something the Lord Made (2004):


Director Joseph Sargent made a true attempt in narrating the story of Vivian Thomas (Mos Def), who was a black cardiac pioneer along with his mentor Alfred Blalock played, by Alan Rickman. People were very excited to watch this famous television movie.

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (2005):

People who loved comedy films had a fun time watching this movie as the role of robot character was played by Alan Rickman and this British comedy was truly made for the fans of Monty Python sort.

A Little Chaos (2014):

Rickman got an opportunity to direct two films but there was no doubt that he produced an amazing romantic film starring Kate Winslet. The role of Kate was an architect who was responsible for constructing King Louis XIV’s garden situated at Versailles.

alan-rickman (1)

What Now? Alan Rickman News after His Death

Alan Rickman was an amazing actor who was remembered for his best performances in his movies such as Die Hard and another being Sense and Sensibility. He was last seen at the play Hangmen situated in London in the month of December. He died at the age of 69 and his death was a shock for many of his fans. Harry Potter stars were in much grief after his unexpected death. Alan was struggling from a secret battle of cancer and many of his fans did not know about his disease. All Hollywood industry was very sad due to the sad demise of Alan from this world.


The British actor was very much famous for his performances in various other films including Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and Die Hard. The franchise of such films kept his disease secret until his death at the age of 69 in the morning of December 7.

Emma Thompson was a great friend of Alan and together they have also worked in the most amazing film Sense and Sensibility where Alan was the hubby of Emma Thompson who was the frequent collaborator.

Thompson was extremely nervous and sad to see her friend struggling the last few days of his life. She has even paid tribute to Alan and stated that she was with him for few hours before he died. She further said that she have kissed him by saying goodbye.

JK Rowling also paid genuine tribute to the actor by calling Rickman ‘a brilliant actor and a delightful man’, whereas other co-stars including Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe told that Rickman helped and mentored them in their initial phase of their career.

The 50-year-old most famous Potter author tweeted: ‘Words are less to say how distressed and upset I am to hear the sad demise of Alan Rickman.

‘He was an amazing personality and superb actor. My blessings and strength are with Rima along with his complete family. We have all lost a great talent. They have mislaid part of their hearts.’


Radcliffe who played a role of harry felt very sad and disappointed with the Alan’s death news. She further added: ‘Alan Rickman is unquestionably one of the utmost actors I will ever work with. ‘Rickman revealed that he secretly married Rima Horton his partner in New York in the year 2012.

One of the family members had stated: ‘The most astonishing actor and director Alan Rickman left us as he was suffering from cancer. He was bounded by family and friends.’

David who is the brother of Alan added: ‘He no longer with us this morning. He was in a clinic during that time.’

Alan’s Cancer is still not known and investigations and speculations are still going on about it. Rickman was born in London into a working-class family in Hammersmith and began his acting on stage before actually graduating to Hollywood planet.

Radcliffe stated that he has learned many things from Alan and he had been one of the most faithful friends anyone could have in the Film industry.

LONDON, ENGLAND - JULY 07:  Alan Rickman attends the World Premiere of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows - Part 2 at Trafalgar Square on July 7, 2011 in London, England.  (Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images)

Alan Rickman : Coping up

Alan Rickman was the most amazing actor and director whose performance in the films such as Die Hard and sense and sensibility is worth recalling. The actor was a man of courage and struggled a lot during his initial phase of career and with his ending phase of cancer. The actor was having pancreatic cancer and it was very tough for him to struggle in the last few days of his Cancer-journey. Some of his friends stated that Alan was not completely aware about the severity of his cancer and illness until recent weeks. One of his friend said that there were no such indication during the late night parties and events held last month, before Christmas.


Rickman died at the age of 79 after having a bad time with his health as he was suffering from major disease called cancer. Thursday, December 9 was the last day for him to say good bye to his friends, family and relatives.

Younger generation will always admire him for the villainous teacher that appeared bent and made hero’s life a misery in the famous series of Harry Potter. His performance in the film Die Hard is outstanding and people still cherish those memories in their hearts. The London born actor started his career from doing acts on stage while actually entering the Hollywood planet. Emma Thompson was a good friend of Alan and she was fumbled to see the struggle of Alan in his last few days. She further stated that the actor was an amazing person and will continue to remain in her heart. She said that she kissed him firmly and said goodbye with tears. For her it was very painful moment as her friend was supposed to live the lovely planet earth.

British surgeons tried hard and used new technologies including radiotherapy and chemotherapy which is done to shrink the tumour before actually operating it. According to doctors, the Alan was a man of courage and they have always seen ‘glimmer of hope’ in that man. The doctors further stated that it is very difficult to survive from pancreatic cancer and very few people have chance to extent their lives till next five years.


Handling pancreatic cancer is very risky as there are chances that the tumour spreads all over the body and operating at right time is indeed essential. Hepato-pancreato-biliary(HBP) consultant and surgeon Charles Imber at London’s Royal Free Hospital further said that it is very significant to know that how tumours react to radiotherapy and chemotherapy so that proper treatment is given at right time.

Operating man like Alan was very splendid because he was full of hope and courage. Genetic make-up of pancreatic cancer practice helped the doctors to gain success at reducing the size of tumour with the help of radiotherapy. Reduction is size will result in getting it away from veins and arteries as without this approach the risk is more that the cancer will damage blood vessels further arising risk of losing the patient.


Departed but Remembered: Alan Rickman

Remembering Alan Rickman is a splendid memory that everyone would like to cherish. The courage inside him, glorious charm, his prowling presence and notably his extraordinary career is just remarkable!!

The voice of Alan in his films was amazing. It was just implacable-his acting was beyond expectations, his single whisp could captivate any room, castle, office or school. He was the real struggler in his life and has inspired many people to lead a life in very courageous manner. He was a patient of cancer but he never felt the extremes till last few weeks. His friends say that he was not totally aware of his illness till last few weeks.


No actor could have done justice with the characters such as Hans Gruber who was a German terrorist from Die Hard film and the next character being Colonel Brandon who was the heartthrob of Ang Lee’s film called Sense and Sensibility. The generations of cinema-lovers and cinema-goers will always remember him for the outstanding performance that he has given in his films. The sheriff of Nottingham was the character stupendously played by him.

Kate Winslet says that doing a film with Alan was most amazing thing that has ever happened in her life. She has done A Little Chaos film where she is an architect, responsible for constructing King’s palace gardens situated at Versailles. Rickman and Kate have worked on Sense and Sensibility, and she finds her good luck to work with such talented individual. Kate has also become Oscar-winning global star along with films like Eternal Sunshine, Titanic, Iris and Spotless Mind.

Seeing her success, Rickman once reflected on a joke that they would spend the intervening for two decades and wait for a good script. He further smiled and said that they will get older watching each other while waiting for the right script. Rickman’s scene with Kate in the film that’s vintage Rickman is wonderful. In that scene, Rickman relaxes in walled garden and after some time Winslet character Sabine happens upon him and finds that she has mistaken him for another gardener and starts chatting with him.

Alan_Rickman___A_Little_Chaos__-_UK_Premiere_-_Red_Carpet_Arrivals_Getty_Images-469598724 (1)

The scene is beautifully shot and it is worth seeing when Rickman while furrowing his brow narrows his eyes. The background of the shot, the dilemma of the Rickman and the sitting posture on a bench is just superb. His Attitude on screen is appreciable by the audience and his fans.

We also remember Rickman when he was doing a stage act playing Valmont which was an RSC Christopher Hampton’s Dangerous Liaisons. That role made him one of the most loved actors on the planet and many girls were just crazy about him after that superior act. Well that is really something special about him which makes him one of the evergreen actors from Hollywood till date. People still love to watch his films and show gratitude towards the work that he has portrayed on screen.


Actor Affection: The Wonderful Memories from Alan’s Colleagues

We fans are not the only ones who had an impression made on them by Alan Rickman. While he was busy entertaining us, he was also building friendships and life-long relationships with his fellow actors. He was a memorable person both on-screen and in real life.

We were all taken aback by the sudden loss of such a bright star. Rickman’s colleagues have been kind enough to share their wonderful memories of the great man since his departure from this Earth. In a way, it lets us know him better than ever before. We should all hope that our colleagues say things wonderful thing about us when our number is up. Let’s look at the great memories other actors have shared.


  • “Alan’s enormous strength of character infused every character he played. Who else could have brought such pain and wit to Snape? He used his talent always to make a difference, his production of Rachel Corrie being one of the most powerful examples. I can’t believe he’s gone.” – Sigourney Weaver
  • “I’m very sad to hear about Alan today. I feel so lucky to have worked and spent time with such a special man and actor. I’ll really miss our conversations. RIP Alan. We love you.” – Emma Watson
  • “Terribly sad news about the passing of Alan Rickman. A funny and engaging person who put a shy young actor at ease when I was on HP.” – Oliver Phelps
  • “I am devastated to hear about the passing of Alan Rickman, I feel so privileged to have had the opportunity to work with him on numerous occasions- Even though he has gone – I will always hear his voice. My thoughts are with his friends and family at this time.” – Rupert Grint
  • “What I remember most in this painful leave-taking is his humour, intelligence, wisdom and kindness. His capacity to fell you with a look or lift you with a word. The intransigence made him the great artist he was—his ineffable and cynical wit, the clarity with which he saw most things, including me, and the fact that he never spared me the view. I learned a lot from him.” – Emma Thompson


  • The most memorable tribute came from Harry Potter star, Daniel Radcliffe, who said, “Alan Rickman is undoubtedly one of the greatest actors I will ever work with. He is also, one of the loyalest and most supportive people I’ve ever met in the film industry. He was so encouraging of me both on set and in the years post-Potter. I’m pretty sure he came and saw everything I ever did on stage both in London and New York. He didn’t have to do that. I know other people who’ve been friends with him for much much longer than I have and they all say “if you call Alan, it doesn’t matter where in the world he is or how busy he is with what he’s doing, he’ll get back to you within a day.”

People create perceptions of actors based on the parts they played so it might surprise some people to learn that contrary to some of the sterner(or downright scary) characters he played, Alan was extremely kind, generous, self-deprecating and funny. And certain things obviously became even funnier when delivered in his unmistakable double-bass.

As an actor he was one of the first of the adults on Potter to treat me like a peer rather than a child. Working with him at such a formative age was incredibly important and I will carry the lessons he taught me for the rest of my life and career. Film sets and theatre stages are all far poorer for the loss of this great actor and man.”